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Tania Patch
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Diane K.

I am pleased to recommend my Realtor, Tania Patch. There are so many agents out there, and it is difficult to choose among them. Please be assured that Tania is a true professional.

For example, when we were searching for a home, Tania made appointments for my husband & me to see several places, starting at 5:00 PM. My husband arrived on time, but the train I was on was delayed for what would turn out to be three hours. In the meantime, we all agreed that my husband & Tania would house hunt & that I would call her when I finally arrived to reschedule for another evening. However, there was one condo in particular that my husband liked and wanted me to see as soon as possible. Even though by the time I arrived Tania had left for the evening, she called the seller, re-booked an appointment, & came back into town to show it that night.

I should not have to point out that Tania returns phone calls promptly & treats people equally, regardless of the price point of the deal, but I will because so few agents do those things. Some of Tania’s other fine qualities include:

Honesty. She does not “blow smoke up your skirt” nor does she use scare tactics. Tania has a high level of integrity.

Good Listener. Because of her excellent listening & observation skills, she is able to respond appropriately regarding price, area, and property features.

Market Knowledge. She understands the real estate market at large as well as locally, from economic & emotional standpoints.

Diplomacy. When we were selling our condo, Tania gently & tactfully pointed out things that needed to be changed in order to best show our property.

Respect. She respects people’s time, feelings, and skills, regardless of who they are – buyers, sellers, agents, inspectors. Her habit is to treat people respectfully.

Patience. We were not ideal buyers. We looked at over two dozen homes & withdrew two offers before finally purchasing.

Business Savvy. There are many things that can derail a real estate transaction. Because of her experience & thoroughness, Tania circumvents or fixes problems that come up along the way. Simply said, this ain’t her first rodeo.

Hard Worker. So few agents earn their commissions. Tania is worth everything she works for and more. When we were buyers, she made sure we were ahead of the curve with the latest listings; when we were sellers, she “staged” our condo. Any agent can promise you what you want to hear. Tania delivers through her hard work, follow through, & perseverance.

Of the seven Realtors with whom I have directly dealt – and the dozens with whom I have interacted over the years – I trust two. One was my mother. The other is Tania Patch.

Kathy M.

Searching for my new condo was, at times, somewhat stressful, and Tania Patch could not have been more patient and helpful throughout the entire process.  I looked at so many places, I’m certain another agent would have gotten impatient with me — but not Tania. She did not suggest properties to show unless they met my criteria. When I finally settled on “the one,” she skillfully negotiated a good price. As a result, I’m very happy with my purchase.  I highly recommend her.

11/7/2011 (via Yelp)

Eden Kidner
Global Head of Research Technology
I consider Tania one of the best Real Estate agents in what seems an extremely crowded market within Hoboken. She is patient, hard working, and enthusiastic to find exactly what you are looking for without being in anyway pushy. I am impressed with her unique approach of using technology to list all local listings in a single place with any available photos so that you…more

September 7, 2009, Eden was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Rosa Coppolecchia, DO, MPH, FACP, FACPM
Medical Director Global/US Cardio Aspirin/Prevention Medical Affairs and Clinical Development at Bayer HealthCare
Tania is a great real estate agent. She is not pushy and knows exactly what to do! She knows the right questions to ask to get the job done. I worked with Tania in a period of two years and have known her for over 4 yrs. I highly recommend her as an agent to help in buying or selling of your property.

April 23, 2009, Rosa was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

John LaBadia
Senior Vice President at Lazard Asset Management
We’ve used Tania as both a buyers and a sellers agent with superlative results on both transactions.Tania was more than patient with us, made sure to show us listings that were relevant to our search criteria, and definitely understands the local market. We purchased a unit to renovate, and Tania even assisted us after the sale navigating the contractor/permit/…more

March 25, 2009, John was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Ron Baron
Managing Director, Broadcast Operations at The NASDAQ OMX Group
Tania Patch is good at her job. She worked with us in the sale of a condo and then purchasing a new one about a month later, both in Hoboken. I was impressed by her feel of the market and trusted her opinion. She is very easy-going and good to work with.

Tania did an excellent job staging the condo we sold, which had been rented prior to being put on the market, and…more

March 19, 2009, Ron was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Ray Beharry
Director Of Ad Agency at Plymouth Rock Assurance
Tania is a fantastic agent, always on the ball and very helpful. I’ve used her for my last 4 deals, and have recommended her to dozens of others…

March 17, 2009, Ray was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Jean-Claude Lanza

Partner at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP
Top notch performer. She was tireless… literally tireless in helping me find my first place. I’ve bought other properties since (not in the area) and I’ve used other brokers, but no one has ever showed me the committment to the objective that Tania did.
Short story.. She met me at an open house and asked me to give her a chance. I begged off but she told me to meet…more

March 17, 2009, Jean-Claude was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Will Morgan
President & CEO, Monticello Consulting Group
Tania is an exceptional broker who provides her clients with complete service and support throughout the entire process of searching for and purchasing real estate in the Hoboken area. I found her knowledge of the market and her help with all aspects up to and including the close to be extremely helpful. Tania is a true professional, and I would recommend her to anyone…more

March 16, 2009, Will was Tania’s client (via LinkedIn )

Paul W.

I worked with Tania during the purchase of my first condo in Hoboken. Right from the start I was impressed with three things.

First is her knowledge of the market. Not only was Tania great at assessing the unique dynamics of the current housing market but she was also able to explain things to me and help me understand what was going on in the marketplace. Second, she was very good at helping me make decisions. At times it was very easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions you are faced with and Tania was excellent at clarifying things and making me look at the aspects that were truly relevant to my unique situation. Third, Tania is extremely patient. I am a person that’s analytical to begin with and needless to say I didn’t make an offer after going out there one or two times and looking at places. Tania worked with me for several months until I was completely comfortable with making offers on places I was absolutely sure I liked.

These are just a few things which stood out while working with Tania. Overall she is very easy to work with and will put your needs before anything else. I will definitely be recommending Tania in the future.


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